Business Analysis

“Wow! Getting this 2-hour analysis was the best bean return I have had in recent memory. I have had so much training over the years that was extremely helpful and, though it took me out of the dark ages of commerce, I often felt I was missing exactly how to implement all that tech to go through my own personal glass ceiling. Well, thanks to the seminars – and now this business analysis – I am certain things are finally coming together. I am so glad I did not give up as now I have a very clear-cut, simple plan for expansion that I actually can do.

“LRH says that management is like playing the whole piano – not just one key.  So now I feel like I can start to make some music instead of the jazzy modern noise I was mostly making before. [The analyst] spotted THE exact, most important next step I should take right now.  It is something I can do and is not some overwhelming program that seemed so simple looking back on it!

“I have always experienced that it often takes an expert to make something simple but it only looks simple on the surface because behind it is years and years of practice that only a master like [the analyst] has.  

“I urge anyone at any level of business to rush to take advantage of while he is around available now at that price is impossible to go wrong. This is one of those opportunities that – just trust me – has almost an infinite rate of return and for me was like one of those major sessions that brought all these latent gains that were sitting there under the surface all into place.” – D.N.


“Thanks for coming down and looking over the practice. I think your eval is spot-on and, most importantly, doable. I already have emails and promo out on the associate. I definitely feel duplicated with your comment that I have no shortage of dreams. I have always had the single goal of doing something about this planet, but as I have gone up the Bridge and through the Basics, I have seen more simply what I can actually do. And getting more hatting as an exec has been the key because all of my goals require a tight conspiracy of a 3rd dynamic. So, thanks for the past 12 months of hatting. It has been quite a ride and change of viewpoint.(and thanks for not just what you have done to help me, but also your dedication to helping your fellow Scientologists know their own tech of 3rd dynamic survival.)

“From here, I’d like to have you continue to monitor and c/s as you see fit—whatever that may be.

“Thanks again!”D.C.


“Bill’s seminar I felt hit at the heart of what is an issue for many people, having and following a basic purpose.  If you’re not there almost anything else you do is going to be questionable as to how much result you get with whatever you are doing.  Bill seems to have grasped the correct estimation of effort on sorting this basic area out in an individual or a business to get it or them going!”P.D.

“LOVED IT!  I’ve been 2 weeks in a row now. I arrived exhausted and worn out from struggling in my business day to day.  Each time I’ve left I’ve been invigorated and energetic about applying the admin tech in my biz.  I love his examples and warmth in teaching the tech.  So far, just in 2 evenings, this guy has probably saved my business from bankruptcy and kinda saved my sanity at the same time.  This is the precise data I needed & wanted and I know that I can USE it.”R.W.

“Bill does an amazing job of threading the LRH references together to make a very clear and well understood concept.  The LRH concepts are vital data that one can USE in running the affairs of life including a business or oneself.  He makes it entertaining as well and so it adds up to an enjoyable seminar I can easily recommend to everyone.” –  S.C.

“I am an old timer from 1970 like you. I was a Staff Auditor 1972 thru 1975 for 150 staff. Over the next few decades I trained up to Class 8 and made it through OT 8 and the Basics.

“By continuously financing my and [my husband’s] Bridge and our children’s and friend’s along with major other contributions (we are now Gold Meritorious among many other donations), I found myself in massive debt. I tone 40′d a major customer account 10 years ago and have been buried in it ever since and you know the rest.

“Will I ever get back to my purpose?

“Somehow I was drawn to your leadership series promo and showed up at the WISE Charter Center and attended 2 Wed night seminars and then the Boom Your Business Saturday Seminar. I became very joyful at the realization that learning and applying LRH Admin Tech is so very much on purpose for me. Learning to apply the data to be at cause in the 3rd and 4th Dynamics is so exciting and has everything to do with my current life’s activity. I never really was exposed to it before as I was always involved in auditing and training to audit which is a very cloistered activity.

“We are successful with what we are doing, business-wise, but I realized now how much we have been off the rails per the admin tech you went over in the seminar, actually doing major things backwards! I knew deep inside the answers would be in LRH Tech, but didn’t know where to find them. I have already started the OEC but have a long way to go to master this technology which I now really want to do, not because I have to, which I do, but because of the pure joy of learning the truth and finding the answers and being at cause and achieving my goals and helping others achieve theirs.

“You are a true example of a trained Scientologist who dives over the ramparts and doesn’t flinch or look back but pushes through to an end result. I really recognize how that parallels first dynamic auditing but to a greater degree involving many more people and bringing about more goals for more people.

“Thank you for doing this for us, it is greatly appreciated.”K.M.

Dispute Resolution

“What a great mediation cycle we had today. I had no idea going into this dispute resolution procedure that it could turn out so well. An experienced and very professional Charter member conducted a standard mediation that took 13 hours at the table, but after four years of living with an unresolved dispute there were very good indicators all around and the situation was fully and very well handled. Someday this will replace the legal system and will be an enormous benefit to our civilization. I want to be there helping.”

“I really, really, really want to thank our dispute handler for his incredible assistance and totally professional handling of our dispute. I walked in with some upsets and disagreements and a total desire to disassociate. I’m walking out with two brand new friends and co-workers that I care about and want to work with. I am amazed but not really surprised at how well the technology works and how simple it was. I want to thank L. Ron Hubbard for giving us this great system and the Charter Committee for being there for us. Your presence and work is saving beings. Thanks for stepping up to the plate.”

“I came out of this dispute resolution meeting with a whole new viewpoint compared to when I went in. It was not ‘our sales agreement said such and such and by golly I’m not going to pay him back.’ Instead I learned more about responsibility (and caring) as it applied to the sales cycle. And I was and am really responsible. I am glad to have restored my affinity, reality and communication with the claimant. The door is open to expansion for both of us with this cycle behind us. Thanks to our dispute handler for an excellent job in getting me to have a better viewpoint and thus grow as a being.”